How Do I Get Started?
Choose the plan and amount you want to invest in and proceed.

How Do I Pay With Bitcoin?
If you are not familiar with bitcoin and how it all works don't worry, it's easy.

 You can send us bitcoin, receive bitcoin from us, and exchange your bitcoin for cash to withdraw to your bank!

Here are the steps:

1) The first thing you will need is a bitcoin wallet to send bitcoin from. There are a bunch of places to get a wallet. We recommend blockchain. For USA citizens you can open a free account at, they are a large trusted online wallet and exchange.

2) Buy bitcoin. There are a number of places to buy bitcoin. - Buy bitcoin using bank wire, or debit card.
    Coinmama - Buy bitcoin using credit cards (Master Card/Visa)
    You can also just do a google search for (where to buy bitcoin, buy bitcoin with credit card, etc..)

2) Once you have funded your wallet you can then proceed to checkout on our site.

Note* If you buy with credit card using Coinmama you will still need a wallet address to send the bitcoin you buy to. We recommend blockchain or

Once you buy with credit card and have the bitcoin sent to your wallet, You can now place your order on our site.

Checkout process...

From here you will see the amount of coin to send and our address to send to.

After you send your payment to our address you will continue to see the above page until the payment is confirmed. This can take 10 minutes up to 2 hours.

Stay on this page until you see the payment complete page.

That's it.. Simple.

If you run into trouble, or if this is confusing to you. We will help you out the best we can. Just shoot us an email and let us know where your stuck.   Contact us here.

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